Dear Dharma Friends,

Please rejoice with us!  With the blessings of our guru Lama Garchen Rinpoche and incredible generosity of our kind donors, Drikung Seattle was able to purchase a house in Shoreline, WA which has officially become a non-profit dharma center as of January 2020.

May All Beings Benefit,

Drikung Seattle Team

Daily In-Person Practices with Khenpo Konchok

Please adhere to all COVID protocols when visiting the Center.

The practices are led by our sangha members and at times Ven. Abao Lama will join the Thursday practice. 

The following practices will be held on the days and times listed below every week. The times listed are Pacific Time.  We are starting this week on Tuesday, January 5 at 4:00pm. 

Every Tuesday
4:00PM: Achi Chikyi Drolma Practice.  Practice Text

Every Wednesday
7:00AM: Smoke Offering, Dzambala, and World Peace Prayer.   Smoke Text, Dzambhala Text, Peace Prayer

Every Thursday
7:00PM: White Tara or Medicine Buddha; will be alternating every other week. Will be starting with White Tara practice Jan 7th. Lama Abao will joining us remotely.  White Tara Text  Medicine Buddha

Drikung Seattle is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  Anyone like to join our group practice, please send email to us for the Zoom link and ID.  Email address is

Our Dharma Center is the creation of the resources offered by many benefactors who have put their hopes in us and who greatly trust in our continued efforts to benefit sentient beings through our Dharma activities. We must always remember this and ensure we fulfill this responsibility.

Monthly Virtual Practices

A password is required to access online group practices. For security reasons, this changes weekly.

Please email for Zoom ID and password.

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