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The Embodiment of the Precious Ones

From the Yangzab Terma Dzogchen Cycle
of the Yangzab Konchok Chidu

June 19th-20th

Guru Rinpoche

In the terma root text, it says, “Emaho! The Embodiment of the Precious Ones is the very heart-essence of the holy Dharma and the confluence of the enlightened mind of all the buddhas of the three times. It is the great Ati‐the undisputed peak of all vehicles. It is the Dharma, which liberates sentient beings from the six samsaric states.”


June 19
9am-12pm  –  Teachings by Garchen Rinpoche
2pm-5pm    –  Teachings by Abao Lama

June 20
9am-12pm  –  Teachings by Khenpo Tenzin
2pm-5pm    –  Empowerment by Garchen Rinpoche

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