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Annual Spring

Red Chenrezig Retreat
Lead by Venerable Lama Abao

Seven or eight years ago, when H.E. Garchen Rinpoche was in Seattle, he gave Red Chenrezig empowerment. At that time, Rinpoche said that in the future, when we found a permanent home dharma center, we would make our main practice Red Chenrezig. Now we have a dharma center, and we would like to establish this practice of Red Chenrezig beginning in the Tibetan New Year, during the miracle month. At Gar Monastery, the Upper Monastery always continuously practices Red Chenrezig drupchen, and especially during this first month of the year, it is very auspicious to have this drupchen. Drikung Seattle is planning to do Red Chenrezig at the same time as the Gar monks. We invite everyone to join with us as we create one mandala with Gar monastery during this Red Chenrezig practice. It is a very special month. Please make time in your schedule, keep in your calendar.

Drikung Seattle will have the Red Chenrezig retreat from March 3 – 7, 2023, practicing the same time as the Gar monks in the Upper Monastery. In addition, we will be so blessed to receive teachings from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche on March 4th and March 5th as part of the retreat. The benefits of practicing Chenrezig and reciting the seven syllable mantra are incalculable.

“The Exalted ones are able to tally the merits of saving the lives of all the world’s sentient ones; yet how could the good qualities of even a single recitation of the seven syllables be counted? The good qualities of having placed all the three spheres’ sentient ones without exception at the level of the buddhas can be tallied; yet the benefits of having uttered the seven syllables but once defy description. The accumulation of merit from making offerings to the Victorious Ones filling space can be tallied; yet the attributes of having uttered the seven syllables even once are uncountable.” These are the words of Amitabha. Thus it is said. It the Tantra of the Lotus King Mahakarunika it is said, “ Every budda of the three times [is realized] by cultivating a single body mandala. Thus, the form of Guardian Avalokita is the one in whom every buddha has gathered. By visualizing and remembering him, obscurations from even the acts without interval are made pure.”

This heart-essence of the numerous teachings of the sutras and tantras taught by our kind teacher, the Buddha, was bestowed upon disciples by Guru Rinpoche in a manner for convenient practice. It is a terma teaching revealed by the nirmanakaya Ratna Lingpa and imparted to karmically destined disciples with merit. In particular, by the compassionate aspirations of Gar Tenzin Phüntsok, the true Noble Supreme Chenrezig, and Chakme Raga Asya, the true Buddha Amitabha, the blessings of continuously practicing this Great Accomplishment (Drubchen) of the Hundred Thousandfold Accumulation of Mahākarunika Guhyasamāja (the Embodied Secret of the Great Compassionate One)—the treasury of the ocean of tantra classes of the great secret—have not diminished throughout the succession of eight Garchen Rinpoches. It was only temporarily disrupted as a result of the cultural revolution. Since 1981, His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche Tenpe Nyima has been spreading the sun of the teachings of the Mani Drubchen and Drubcho to all corners of Tibet and across the world. Furthermore, anyone connected to this Mani practice will be relieved of all temporary disturbances and will ultimately be reborn in the pure land of great bliss. This is accomplished through the unfailing words of truth.

Traditionally, the practice begins every year around the 10th day of the Tibetan month at the Chenrezig Temple in the Upper Gar Monastery, continues through the 15th day, and concludes on the 18th day. During the same five-day period as Gar Monastery, the Seattle center will engage in the daily practice of Mahākarunika Guhyasamāja within the bounds of a single mandala and under the light of a single butter lamp flame. Please join us if you are interested!

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